The basis of Magda's Gerber's RIE philosophy is respect forand trust in the baby to be an initiator, an explorer, and a self learner. Magda encouraged parents and caregivers to provide:

An environment for the child that is physically safe, cognitively challenging and emotionally nurturing. 

Time for uninterrupted play.
Freedom to explore and interact with other infants.

Involvement of the child in all care activities to allow the child to become an active participant rather than a passive recipient. 

Sensitive observation of the child in order to understand his or her needs. 

Consistency, clearly defined limits and expectations to develop discipline. 

Interested in learning more? Please visit RIE's web site. With thanks to David Vigliotti of Little Learners Lodge in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, for permission to use the first three and the fifth photos to illustrate the basic principles. Little Learners Lodge is a RIE Certified Childcare Center.


Polly Elam
05/02/2012 2:24pm

This is a beautiful way to share the basic RIE principles and Little Learners Lodge is a lovely example of all that us possible in group care.

01/30/2014 5:54pm

I agree it is a beautiful way to share the basic RIE principles in group care.

RIE educator nelson nz
05/02/2012 4:53pm

I love how the images truly give meaning to the words, makes it much easier for me to show a parent what RIE looks like when I'm trying to explain it. Also great for sharing with my family about the philosophy I believe in :) a great reminder for me, thanks

vickey mclendon
01/30/2014 5:57pm

I agree with your reply.

10/17/2013 1:56pm

Magda Gerber's basic principles and philosophy are so very true. This basic deep understanding of a baby's psyche seems simple enough, but there is a critical need to spread these important guidelines.

vickey mclendon
01/30/2014 6:00pm

I believe Magda Gerber's basic principles and philosophy are so very true also.

penny ang
03/14/2014 4:40am

The early years of an infant's life is a period of great learning through exploring and discovery and making sense of the world around them. Magda Gerba's RIE philosophy spells out the importance of providing
a nurturing environment that shows respect for the child's abilities and the desire to learn through active self-discovery.
In today's fast paced society, this fundamental need of young children to decide on their own learning pace has been sadly neglected

Susan Johnson
03/16/2014 5:51pm

Every semester I look for new pictures or updated materials to show my students in my Early Childhood Infant Toddler & Twos class. Love that the pictures just say it all about the loving, caring and respectful way of RIE.
Still many do not know this wonderful philosophy!


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